With more than 60+ year of experience in making parking software, our team has put all efforts, and experience, into making the innovative concept, which has resulted in the ParkGenie App.


With more than 8 years of experience, making parking software for Europe, our team has gained tremendous insight, with regards to parking related problems and parking challenges, which are being faced by most cities today, all over the world.

We work for you

Based on our experience we have designed the innovative ParkGenie concept and ParkGenie App.

The ParkGenie App is multi purpose App which can be used, both by owners of available parking bays / space, and people seeking a place to park their car.

By making it easy for parking bay / space owners to make their parking space available for the public the ParkGenie App is able to increase supply the supply of parking bays / areas, without any construction work.

Being able to increase the supply of parking bays / areas, of course, means that the ParkGenie App, will be instrumental in reducing the air pollution in cities, as drivers will be closer to their parking space.