Frequently Ask Questions

Answer: No! However, when someone parks their vehicle in your parking area the ParkGenie App will charge a small fee which will be deducted when money is transferred to the Parking Space Owner bank account given. If Parking Space Owner does not make money, there is no cost for the Parking Space Owner.

Answer: The ParkGenie App will make sure the administrative side of your parking business is taken care of. All practical issues such as making signs allowing the vehicle owners entry to the parking area is the responsibility of the Parking Space Provider. In case you need the ParkGenie Logo, or any advice you can always take contact to the ParkGenie Team for suggestions.

Answer: The Parking Space Owner alone decides at what price the parking space should be rented out. Of course, keep in mind the higher the price the less likely it is for you to rent out your parking space. Maybe, look at what price is being charged in your vicinity. If you stay somewhere, there is always a parking problem you could try to go a bit higher than the prevalent price. Choice is that of the Parking Space Owner.

Answer: A verified user is a person who have been going through a verification process through SafeWebKey / Aadhaar. In this case ParkGenie knows the name address of the user. This is not the case when a user signs up and gets verified though OTPs send to your handset and email address. It is recommended that private Parking Space Owners allows verified vehicle owners only in order to avoid totally unknown vehicle owners on the premises.

When a user books parking space through the ParkGenie App, the money is withheld by the ParkGenie App until the booked time is over. Shortly after the booking is over, the amount paid for the parking space, less the fee for ParkGenie, will be visible in the ParkGenie App under statistics.Money will be transferred to the account indicated by the Parking Space Owner at the time of applying to use the ParkGenie App.

When a vehicle owner books parking in your parking area, and the following time-slot is available, the ParkGenie App will give the vehicle owner an option to make a stand-by booking for the following hour. The vehicle owner might not be 100% sure when a meeting, concert etc. is over and might find it convenient to avail of the option. The price for this option is 25% of the “normal price” and will be charged upfront.

If the vehicle owner cancels the option for stand-by parking 15 min. before it starts, no extra fee will be charged to the vehicle owner. However, if the stand-by time slot is being utilised or is not cancelled 15 min before start of the stand-by time slot, the ParkGenie App will ask the user to pay the owed amount, consequently. The vehicle owner will not be able to use the ParkGenie App again until the amount full amount has been paid.

Of course, if the stand-by time slot is not utilised, the available parking space will can be rented out the other vehicle owners looking to find parking.

Whenever, a vehicle owner books through the ParkGenie App a receipt is generated. The receipt should be shown by the vehicle owner on request. The receipt has information about the number plate of the car, a photo of the driver, together with details of the time slot booked.

In order to cross check the Parking Space Owner can check the ParkGenie Owner App to see if the information shown in the Owner App, corresponds with the receipt of the vehicle owners ParkGenie App.

Answer: Shortly after a parking has ended the vehicle owner is asked to rate your parking area, on a scale 1 – 5 on the following questions.

How was your overall experience of the parking area?

Was the parking location easy to find using the ParkGenie App ?
Was it easy to manoeuvre the car in the parking area ? Was the staff (if any) polite and helpful ?

The Parking Space provider will of course be shown the rating and comments received.

The company owning the ParkGenie App, United Web Enhancers Private Limited is not in any way, whatsoever, responsible for any action of the vehicle owners. Any legal issue is a matter between the Parking Space Provider and the vehicle owner. The owner of the ParkGenie App will, however, unbiased, provide any information known on both parties if so required.